F.Q.R. FRATTINI S.R.L. is a modern company run by the Ferruccio Frattini family that has been operating in this industry for over 60 years, making water fittings, flexible connecting hoses, valves, pull-out flexible hoses for kitchens and hairdressers.
The company is continuously in research of patents and new product technologies to make your water fittings easier to use and safer.

The quality of F.Q.R. FRATTINI products is guaranteed by our professionalism and by the fact that we have been awarded certifications by the most important international organizations that enforce the strictest standards.
The combination of enthusiasm and competence make F.Q.R. FRATTINI S.R.L. the best partner to resolve your problems, for a better future.


F.Q.R. Frattini S.r.l. - 28010 Briga Novarese (NO) Italy. Tel: +39 0322 94100 Fax: +39 0322 955813


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